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Whether it’s a Victorian in Lafayette Square, a mid-century modern in Crestwood, or a gingerbread in Southampton; home is your safe haven & a place to create happy memories with those you love. Our family of hard-working real estate professionals are here to help you get there.

Christy Andrews

Portrait photo of Christy Andrews
Direct | 314-280-3017
Office | 314-353-0336

When you meet Christy you’re sure to notice the professionalism & confidence that 15+ years in Real Estate brings.  Her background in project management not only provided a solid foundation for her career but also bestowed upon her a passion for the preservation of historic homes.  Her lack of frustration is contagious & her ability to power through the most stressful situations is a huge asset while in the throes of a real estate transaction.  While historic homes are near & dear to Christy’s heart, she loves serving clients all over the metro area.  Want to know the “real” Christy?  She secretly loves to clean & organize things & on the flipside; hates litterbugs.  With two college kids & one nearly there, she & husband Craig, spend time wondering what life with an empty nest looks like.  While they cherish the time they can be the close-knit family they’ve grown into; it now affords her more time to enjoy the serenity of her garden or kicking around at a Farmers’ Market or winery.

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